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We offer mobile uplink units for day hire all through the UK. These units are specially set up by us for optimum performance for HD live broadcast feeds from anywhere in the UK to anywhere in the world using four or more UK 3G and 4G mobile cards.

LiveU Units

LU70 units
LiveU's LU70 is the professional-grade cellular-based live video uplink solution for global broadcasters offering high resiliency on the move. The LU70 bonds up to 14 3G/4G LTE, WiMAX and Wi-Fi modems simultaneously, supporting the growing range of cellular network bands worldwide.

The LU70 is ready to go live in under a minute,is fully compatible with LiveU Central, the cloud-based management and monitoring platform, and includes professional features, such as One-Touch-Live mode with automatic adjustment of video resolutions for fast and easy live video transmission; and higher quality encoding throughput for even better video quality. Weight 5kg. Delivered with backpack.

Picture of LU70 unit

LU200 units
This two-modem bonded solution is compatible with any camera and is ideal for broadcasts on the fly. The LU200 turns any camera into a live-streaming device. The LU200 can be controlled by a single operator in the field using the built in user interface or controlled remotely from any computer using the LiveU Central management platform. Weight 0.1 kg.

Picture of LU200 unit

LiveU Solo
This robust and high-quality encoder is based on LiveU’s field-proven bonding technology, 10 industry patents, and integral LRT™ (LiveU Reliable Transport) protocol. Optimised for video performance, Solo delivers the rock-solid video streams LiveU is known for by using LRT’s integral adaptive bit rate and forward error correction technology.

Designed to fit seamlessly with web streaming workflows, LiveU Solo connects automatically to Facebook, Wowza Streaming Cloud, as well as other popular CDNs, OVPs and YouTube Live. Solo can be managed and controlled remotely via a web interface or smartphone. On the transmission side, and as part of the overall streaming solution, this small, easy-to-use encoder includes full bonding capabilities.

Picture of LiveU Solo unit

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