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We deliver a tailor made production service.

Providing you with all your camera & production needs.

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Welcome to Kickoff TV Productions

Kickoff TV Productions offers equipment hire, production and consultancy services to support your TV production needs in the UK. If you require camera hire, crews, production coordination for news, sports and entertainment, we can help you.

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LiveU Hire

Kickoff TV Productions is where you can hire LiveU mobile uplink units for any of your production needs in the UK.

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Camera and Crew Hire

Get in touch with us for camera and crew hire in London or the UK for news coverage or other needs.

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The FeedStation

Get any BT Tower feed or satellite signal to your LiveU/IP decoder wherever you are.

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Football add on Productions

We offer our comprehensive Football Production & Support service in the UK.

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Consultancy Services

With our knowledge of the TV market in the UK we can help you to set up specific productions for particular broadcasts you have planned.

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'Things were great from your side and the units streamed perfectly. We really enjoyed working with you too and I hope we will be able to work together in the future.'

Amalie Engelsson / Hellicar & Lewis

'You guys are all cooler than Bowie.'

Joel Gethin and Pete Hellicar / Hellicar & Lewis

'LiveUen funka optimalt !'

Natalie Remoe Hansen / VGTV